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Championship Blackjack offers the most comprehensive blackjack seminars on the market. It is a combination of blackjack theory and hands-on instruction of the very techniques that have been used by Ryan and others to effectively beat not only Las Vegas’ biggest casinos, but casinos worldwide. Unlike other seminars on the market, this seminar teaches you everything you need to know to gain a guaranteed mathematical advantage over the house. These seminars are kept small to 
promote learning (under 10 people each). They are hands-on, in-depth, and offer instant feedback and guidance.
Upcoming Seminar
LAS VEGAS                                                    Summer 2021.                 Inquire
Chicago, IL                                                                   June 3-4th, 2021                   Inquire
 Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok          Sept/Oct 2019           Inquire                          
Topics included are listed below and the depth in which they are covered will be determined by participant’s interest and level of play.

       $   Basic Blackjack Strategy and Card Counting
             Here we explore the basic strategy of blackjack, how to memorize it, the theory
             behind card counting, and more importantly how to count and what it tells you. 
             This is the base upon which you build the next set of skills.

       $   Money Management and Betting
             In this section we explore proper money management, bankroll size and how it 
             affects your game, betting theory, and betting with the count. Betting is the key 
  to your success.

       $   Play Deviations
             Here we discuss critical changes in playing strategy and when to make them. We
             will cover deviations in regard to the count, how to calculate them, and how to 
             memorize them.

       $   Shuffles and Penetration 
             How to use the shuffle to your advantage, what to look for, deck penetration
             and what it tells you.

       $   Putting it all Together
             Recap of concepts, how to pick the right table, and hands-on play to see it all
             done correctly.

       $   Team Play
             Why team play is optimal, and the basics of team play.

       $   Casino Countermeasures and Disguising your Skills
             What casinos do to slow you down, how to know when they are on to you,
             disguising your skills, and tips to extend your playing life.

       $   Shuffle Tracking
          How to track card groups through shuffles and how this aids your game

       $    Card Steering
          What card steering is, how it is used, ace/ten steers, and what this means to you
My seminars are open to everyone, however, any participant employed by or 
affiliated with any casino, or any detective agency which collects information on players either directly or indirectly for casinos, is required to pay an extra
$30,000 per seminar and all other participants will be notified of his/her presence. Anyone found in violation of this will be sued for damages in the amount of $500,000.
In an effort to protect participants confidentiality, locations are not disclosed until registration is complete. Furthermore, participants will be called by only their first name, or preferred name during the seminar.
No recording of any type is permitted!!!
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