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 This cult classic book is available! This book is in HIGH demand and very hard to find anymore. This book was written with the full intention of making the art of card counting understandable to everyone. In this easy to read guide, you will find all the theories, charts, and secrets needed to turn you into an advantage player. This is the best blackjack book on the market. A great  gift for the player you know!!!

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" I've read your book 3 times already. Brilliant. Looiking forward to 
   attending a seminar"-----Neil  (UK)

'This book is revolutionary. Gone are days of difficult explanations. Well-
 crafted." --Harald (FL)

"If you like things easy to understand...it doesn't get easier than with this
  book. A true standout in the crowded blackjack book market these days."--Terry (AUS)

"by far the best blackjack instructor around. i've taken many classes, this is the best. He even helped win me thousands!"  Ted-(CAN)
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