$$$ Championship Blackjack $$$

 NEW PRODUCTS !!!! The Ultimate Learning Package and DVD BOX SET

This package includes everything you need to learn and practice card counting on your own.  This set contains2 decks of cards, a set of chips, and  book "Whack 'Em Blackjack"                           in a metal carrying case. As well as a blackjack table felt layout!! 

    Regularly  Shipped to your door in the US for $149.95  . ON SALE NOW FOR $129.95 !!!

 Ultimate Blackjack  DVD Set (4 disks)
This is the Ultimate Cardcounting DVD  set for anyone serious about beating the house in Blackjack. 

This DVD  set will teach you:  the basics and theory of cardcounting, betting strategies and money management, advanced bettinghow to avoid casino detectionand other key points.

This set cuts to the chase and teaches you exactly what you want and need to know in a simple, illustrative, and easy to understand manner.

Order today for  Only $89.95 shipping included in the States. If shipping to UK or other countries, cost is $94.95 shipping included.

 DVD US shipping                                DVD  UK /Other shipping

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